Pacha Ibiza club

Pacha Ibiza, the best ambassador on the island

“It is neither the oldest, nor the most modern Pacha, nor the largest, nor the most exotic, but the most authentic, the most charismatic and the purest. This is how Pacha Ibiza is defined on its website and, to be honest, we couldn’t agree more with this description. Yes, it is true, Pacha Ibiza may not be the best club on the island in terms of facilities, but if we are talking about a global brand and a purely Ibizan essence, nobody doubts that Pacha Ibiza is the best ambassador on the island.

Located a little more than 20 minutes drive from our Cubanito Ibiza Suites, the beginnings of this country house converted into a discotheque in 1973 are behind us. Today, Pacha Ibiza is fully consolidated as one of the main tourist attractions of Ibiza, becoming, as a consequence, one of the most visited clubs in the world and an authentic world reference for lovers of the Clubbing movement.

Pacha Ibiza, synonymous with a select atmosphere and a VIP audience

Pacha ibiza

If there is a reason why Pacha Ibiza stands out, it is, without a doubt, because of the atmosphere that is breathed in any of the 5 rooms that make up this club. In this way, despite the obvious contrasts that can be found depending on the room chosen, the concept of Pacha Ibiza has evolved to capture an elegant and select audience, thus becoming one of the main meeting points for all kinds of VIP personalities who live or spend their holidays in Ibiza. For this reason, it is recommended to take care of the wardrobe in case you want to enter the premises, as Pacha Ibiza takes care of your image and that of your assistants down to the last detail.

Five halls, one goal: to offer the best Ibiza nightlife


An unforgettable experience. Very possibly this is what you will get if you visit Pacha Ibiza for the first time. But if you repeat it too. With five different rooms, the House music room being the most emblematic, Pacha Ibiza has everything you need to make you live the night you’ve always dreamed of in Ibiza.

So, the best thing you can do when you get there is to get lost in the Main Room and enjoy its large centre ring surrounded by bars and VIP areas, all perfectly laid out with excellent views of the DJ’s booth and the rest of the room… Want a change of scenery? We recommend that you visit the Strangers in the Night room, a perfect place to enjoy a completely different kind of music, with disco, soulful and funky touches.

In addition, another fact to bear in mind that makes Pacha Ibiza even more special is that unlike other clubs on the island, Pacha opens its doors throughout the year, offering the best parties in Ibiza 365 days a year.