How to get here


IMG_Modulo_867x452_planeOur hotel is ideally situated close to San Antonio, not far from the airport, around 20 minutes. The journey is around 40€ more or less.

If you have a rental car or your own, don´t worry, we have a parking in front of the hotel.

Route to get from the airport to our hotel.





IMG_Modulo_867x452_shipOne of the most frequent ways of arriving in Ibiza is by boat. The busiest ports are San Antonio and Ibiza, so we have given you two possible routes to arrive at the hotel. San Antonio port is really close of the hotel, so is the win option. The Ibiza port takes around 25 minutes to arriive by car.

Route to get from San Antonio port to our hotel.

Route to get from Ibiza port to our hotel.





IMG_Modulo_867x452_spaceWe know that our customers are bold and intrepid people, so we won´t leave anything to chance. We were unable to create a route from Google Maps, even though we tried, but we do have a tutorial from someone who did something similar and it came out pretty well.

Tutorial to get from cyberspace to our hotel.