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Guide to the best coves in Ibiza

With almost fifty coves spread along its 210 km of coastline, the Ibizan coast hides some of the most beautiful and popular coves in the world, with sandy beaches bathed in crystal clear turquoise waters and surrounded by dreamy natural settings.

It isn’t surprising that many refer to Ibiza as the Caribbean of the Mediterranean, since only on the white island can such a variety of coves and beaches be found, offering in the same place coves for families, young people or nudists as well as hidden, white sand or rocky coves among others. With the wide variety of coves on offer in Ibiza, here are some of the most popular, as well as some of Ibiza’s hidden and recommended coves, grouped by location (San Antonio, Santa Eulalia and Ibiza town).

Cala Salada, the most popular cove in San Antonio

If there is a place in Ibiza that stands out for offering a great variety of coves concentrated in a very small area of the coast, it is, without a doubt, the San Antonio bay and its whole surrounding area. If you stay at Cubanito Ibiza Suites hotel you will not only enjoy unique accommodation in Ibiza, but you’ll also have a privileged location to discover some of the best coves in Ibiza, practically on the hotel’s doorstep.

Although many coves are concentrated in the San Antonio bay area, Cala Salada is, for many, one of the great tourist attractions that this town offers. With a length of 200 metres, Cala Salada stands out for the incredible natural environment that surrounds it, as well as for its central location, just 4 km from the centre of the bay.

It is a cove of gravel and fine sand that has been able to maintain a purely marine essence intact. The surroundings of Cala Salada, full of pine forests, and its crystal clear and shallow waters, make this cove one of the most beautiful and popular places in Ibiza. Apart from Cala Salada, which is by some distance the main cove in San Antonio, the bay also contains other important coves such as Cala Gració, Cala Conta (also known as Cala Comte), Cala Tarida or Cala Bassa.

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Cala Llonga, tranquility and beauty just a few minutes from Santa Eulalia

Cala Llonga is, without a doubt, one of the main coves on the east coast of Ibiza. Located in a small bay between Cala Blanca and Cala Olivera, Cala Llonga is known for its unique fine white sand and shallow seabed, ideal for a pleasant swim. With a length of almost 200 metres, this emblematic cove offers a peaceful and relaxed environment, far from the hustle and bustle of the coves closest to the centre of Ibiza. Together with Cala Llonga, Cala Nova is another of the main coves near the town of Santa Eulalia.

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Playa d en Bossa, the star of Ibiza town

Although it is not a cove, it is impossible to talk about the city of Ibiza without mentioning Playa d en Bossa. In this sense, Playa d en Bossa is not only one of the city of Ibiza’s great tourist attractions, but it is also one of the most emblematic and popular places on the whole island. Visited year after year by thousands of tourists, Playa d en Bossa has become a true emblem on the island, being a must see for many tourists. Although Playa d en Bossa attracts most of the attention, other coves such as Cala des Jondal or Cala Sa Caleta compete for being the best cove in the city of Ibiza.