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Cala Salada, turquoise blue water perfect for swimming

200 metres long in total, Cala Salada stands out for its incredible natural beauty, relaxed atmosphere and picturesque beach.

In the heart of San Antonio bay

Situated just 4 kilometres the centre of San Antonio bay and a short drive from Cubanito Ibiza Suites , Cala Salada is, along with Cala Gracio, one of the main tourist attractions in the municipality of San Antonio de Portmany.

Cala salada Restaurant

The cove is made of gravel and fine sand and is 200 metres in length, with a width that ranges from 5 to 30 metres, Cala Salada is an area of outstanding natural beauty which is surrounded by pine-forested hills. The cove’s turquoise blue water and soft sand make it a perfect place to swim.

You can arrive at Cala Salada by car, bus and sea taxi. By car follow the directions towards the north of San Antonio. Be advised that you will drive down a steep and curvy road before arriving at the cove’s parking area with approximately 65 spaces.

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Ses Fontanelles Cave

An obliged stop. If you are looking for adventure you should visit the Ses Fontanelles cave , famous for its original Bronze Age paintings. Best of all, it’s just next door to Cala Salada ! Turn right before arriving at the Cala’s entrance and continue as far as your car can go (if you have a 4X4 you’ll be grateful!) along the earth road. When your car can’t take any more continue by foot along the cliff.

Ideal for anchoring boats and yachts

Although if doesn’t offer many options for sport activities, Cala Salada is the ideal place to anchor all kinds of boats and yachts with a small boatyard and wharf. Cala Salada has sunbeds, parasols, pedal boats, and a small beach bar and restaurant.

Picturesque cove and relaxed atmosphere

Cala Salada is a popular beach for tourists and for San Antonio local residents alike. It is a peaceful and picturesque cove where people sunbathe between the rocks that separate Cala Salada with its neighbour Cala Saladeta, a beautiful, fine sand cove which is smaller in size. Another of Cala Salada’s highlights is its pretty stone tower surrounded by different paths which also connect to Cala Saladeta.

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Another singularity of Cala Salada is the picturesque stone tower surrounded by dirt roads, which also connect with Cala Saladeta.